NEW YORKOct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — With its main office in Manhattan, The Hajdari Group ( recently announced the official opening of its first branch location at 1491 Richmond Road, on Staten Island. The new branch location is open to all Staten Islanders and their families who wish to explore the multitude of options available for financial planning. Hajdari Group President Zaim Hajdari, a native Staten Islander, also extended a special personal invitation to the local Albanian community, of which he is a member.

“The opening of this branch on Staten Island is the actualization of an important dream for me,” said Zaim Hajdari. “I was born and raised here on the island, a child of hardworking immigrant parents. I understand those struggles. And although I trained on Wall Street, working with some of the wealthiest and most influential financial institutions in the country, I have always had my roots here. I wanted to bring back what I’ve learned, my wealth management experience, and offer it to families who are trying to navigate their financial futures.”

The Hajdari Group: A Financial Planning Spectrum for Everyone

Advisors within The Hajdari Group offer a multi-pronged approach to wealth planning and allocation. First, advisors offer strategies to help individuals manage and invest their wealth. Secondly, clients are given assistance with preserving the wealth they have already accumulated. Third, a variety of wealth distribution strategies are explored. And finally, clients are guided in the planning needed to successfully distribute their estate to their designated heirs.

Some specific services offered include:

  • Asset Allocation: Advisors help clients work through the complicated and often confusing ways in which one’s wealth can be allocated to achieve greater financial returns rather than simply storing such wealth. Depending on a client’s needs, these allocations can include U.S. equities, foreign equities, cash, real estate and other investments.
  • Financial Planning: Financial markets are complex, fluid and ever evolving. Advisors keep a trained eye on these markets, while helping guide clients through their individual, customized financial planning needs.
  • College Planning: The high cost of college is a regrettable fact that parents must face. Good savings plans from a variety of family members can help younger generations meet the financial burdens of tuition costs.
  • 401(k) Rollover: Many successful small businesses have a difficult time understanding and meeting the 401(k) needs of their employees. Hajdari advisors are adept at 401(k) education and guidance for both employers and employees.
  • Tax Planning: Tax compliance and reduction is a crucial element to a successful financial plan. This is relevant regardless of one’s income level, but is especially compelling for families and small businesses that rely on every dollar saved. Navigating tax rates, credits, deductions and other items, in light of overall financial goals, can be a daunting task without professional guidance.

“Financial planning is not just an exclusive concern of the rich: it’s important for anyone who seeks to secure the future of their family’s legacy,” said Zaim Hajdari. “And that takes time. It also takes getting to know people as individuals, not just their portfolios and their accounts. What do my clients really want out of life? The answer to that question is just as important to me as each client’s financial goals.”

The Hajdari Group has always offered no-obligation free consultations, to ensure that their services are a perfect fit for each client. The Staten Island branch is taking appointments for free consultations now.

About The Hajdari Group

Based in New York City, the Hajdari Group is an independent, boutique wealth-management firm founded by Zaim Hajdari — an experienced former-JPMorgan Chase investment manager who oversaw $3 billion in client assets. The Hajdari Group provides financial planning and wealth-management services to middle and high-income individuals and families. Other services include 401(k) rollover advice, retirement planning, college planning and estate planning. Most recently, the Hajdari Group has expanded its services by creating InvestHalal, a Sharia-based investment platform exclusively for Muslim investors. Learn more at:

The Hajdari Group (“Hajdari Group”) is a registered investment advisor. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Hajdari Group and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure.


Zaim Hajdari, President

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