Investment Expert From The Hajdari Group Offers Hopeful Message Regarding Stock Market and Economy Fears Amidst Global Crisis: ‘There Is a Light at the End of This Very Dark Tunnel’

NEW YORKMarch 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Financial expert and leader of The Hajdari Group, Zaim Hajdari ( recently spoke out concerning the widespread economic fears that investors and private citizens have shared with him. Along with the most prominent banks and governmental financial authorities of New York, The Hajdari Group has echoed a call for calm and stability in stormy financial waters. The Hajdari Group is a boutique financial investment firm that recently gained notoriety for its innovative and unique Sharia-compliant investment package – InvestHalal – which is currently overseen by some of the most revered Muslim scholars in New York City.

“These are extraordinary times, absolutely – no one can deny that,” said Zaim Hajdari. “I’ve been in the investment business for decades, and none of us have ever seen anything quite like this. It’s certainly reminiscent of 2008, with the financial markets in a dangerously powerful flux. But there is a simple and profound truth that I just cannot stress enough right now: America can weather this storm. We are a resilient people and our markets are some of the toughest on the planet. Those very markets have been through worse and survived. And I have absolute confidence in the American system. We will lead the pack, and drive the global economy back into prosperity much sooner than people realize.”

There are many questions being asked about the state of healthcare at this time, but some of the most pressing inquiries have to do with the economy. These questions include: Will this recession last a long time? Could it turn into a depression? And what exactly are federal governments doing worldwide, in addition to the Federal Reserve here in the U.S., to mitigate the damage that has already occurred?

Hajdari said: “Much depends on healthcare responses and outcomes in the U.S. right now. I think we can safely say that general profits and growth will be severely depressed for the second quarter of 2020. We’ve all begun to come to grips with that. But Congress has already agreed and voted on a major relief package, which has calmed market fears significantly, along with the Fed injecting liquidity. And if the U.S. can get a handle on the country’s pandemic crisis by early summer – and there are many hopeful indications that is already happening – then I think we’ll begin to see an upturn before 2021.”

As far as long-term economic speculation goes, Hajdari remarked: “As a financial advisor, you do your best – with a trained eye, experience, and the data available – to give your clients the most secure advice possible; and all within reasonable time frames. No one can precisely predict how bad this market will get, but I think we can safely assume that multiple factors are contributing to a quick bounce back, including: speedy marshalled global responses to the pandemic, multiple governments working to mitigate economic effects, healthcare innovations, and consumers who understand and have begun to adjust their risk tolerance for the long term. Fears are just that: fears. And though they can shake a market in alarming ways, most investors understand that solid, reliable investing takes a long-distance view. And that’s a simple but important truth that I try to impart to my clients. I tell them: ‘I understand you’re nervous, but let’s look at your risk tolerance; let’s see what your portfolio does right, and what we can adjust with the goal of making it perform better. And let’s do that with the understanding that all of us are in this game for the long term.'”

The Hajdari Group has a new branch office on Staten Island, and is currently taking appointments for free consultations now.

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Zaim Hajdari, President

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