NEW YORKNov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Imam Edin Gjoni and the Albanian-American Cultural Center of Queens ( recently announced that it had named Zaim Hajdari to its advisory board. A devout Muslim, Zaim Hajdari is the founder and President of The Hajdari Group, a boutique wealth-management firm that is acclaimed for innovating one of the only Sharia-compliant financial programs in the United States. Hajdari’s unwavering support and commitment to uplifting his community were cited as key factors in naming him to the post.

“I am deeply moved and honored to be included on this board,” said Hajdari. “As the child of Albanian immigrants, it is extremely gratifying and humbling to be asked to help lead the next generation of Albanian-Americans into the future. I have profound respect for all of our local Muslim leadership, especially those who work so hard to ensure our mosque is a place of sanctity and refuge for those who seek it. I look forward to working with Imam Gjoni and my fellow board members to continue that important tradition.”

Imam Gjoni spoke of Zaim Hajdari’s prominence as a community influencer:

“The first, most basic requirement for those on the board are that they be involved, active practitioners of faith. But besides religiosity, board members must have strong community ethics. They must be present and available when needed. And although that seems a modest requirement, there are many who find it difficult to balance work and family with the necessary time spent in required faith-based practices. Zaim makes time for all three, and has always done so, just like his father. We can rely upon Zaim to be present at all of the most important events: baby blessings, funerals, marriages and community gatherings. Many of us come from small, close-knit communities in Montenegro, and we continue to value the ties that bind us together. We are second generation immigrants — sometimes we struggle to connect our pasts through our present lives, and into our futures. But Zaim and his family are a sterling example of those who are a bridge between where we came from and where we are: an Albanian-American Muslim legacy with a foot rooted firmly in both cultures.”

Of the various duties and responsibilities of board members, Imam Gjoni said:

“It is an advisory role of course, but it is also so much more. Board members work closely with other community leaders and Imams to ensure that the mosque and its outreach are performing the duties necessary to support our community. Members are an example of civic responsibility and duty. Their roles and responsibilities can vary with circumstances though, and never has this been more-true than now. After the devastating fire of 2017, we have struggled to replace much of what was lost to our Center. I’m sure you can imagine what a costly and onerous burden a fire can be for anyone, but it is especially difficult for a non-profit, Muslim religious sanctuary. More than just a place of worship, the Center is a gathering place for the entire community; it represents a safe place for discussions, education and outreach that serves an entire multifaceted population. Zaim will serve as a financial professional, negotiator and strategist throughout this complicated rebuilding process.”

Speaking of the Albanian-American Center’s long-term goals, Imam Gjoni remarked:

“Serving as a generational bridge is very important, as I’ve said, but that position cannot be overstressed. Newer generations need a role model, an ambassador they can believe in because that ambassador has already walked a similar road. Zaim teaches the core virtue of service-to-others in the best way possible: by modeling the behavior himself. He is a humble servant of the community, as we must all be. We are all part of communities: one spirit, one people. And we bring our histories with us.”

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