Celebrated Muslim Cleric Dr. Tahir Kukaj Named to Spiritual Advisory Board for InvestHalal

NEW YORKDec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Hajdari Group recently announced it was privileged to name Dr. Tahir Kukaj to its in-house advisory board for InvestHalal. A native Albanian and Vice President of the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center on Staten Island, Dr. Kukaj is well known as an active New York spiritual leader who has fostered interfaith unity in the Muslim community for over two decades. Dr. Kukaj was also recently named as a chaplain for the NYPD as an interfaith expert and Muslim scholar. InvestHalal is a unique, Sharia-based investment platform developed by The Hajdari Group specifically for Muslim investors.

“I am deeply honored and delighted that Imam Kukaj has accepted this position as an advisor for InvestHalal,” said Hajdari Group President, Zaim Hajdari. “He is a profoundly spiritual and thoughtful leader; one who has been rightly honored for his many contributions to both the Albanian and Muslim community as a whole. It has always been my intention to secure the best advisors possible for InvestHalal. And now, along with Imam Gjoni, I have two scholars who are not only deeply rooted in scripture, but also realistic and down-to-earth at the same time. Muslim investors can rest, absolutely secure in the knowledge that The Hajdari Group is well positioned to provide for their Sharia-compliant investment needs.”

When asked about his role on the InvestHalal board as a Koranic interpreter, Imam Kukaj said:

“I’m honored to be with great people like Zaim, and Imam Gjoni, whom I know well. Both men are well-respected community leaders and active practitioners of faith. So I am eager to work with them on various projects, as they appear. ‘We rise by lifting others,’ it is said. So helping to advise and guide the faithful is always a useful and laudable goal. As far as my particular duties on this board, Imam Gjoni and I will bring our scriptural knowledge to bear on various investment packages and questions, as they are received. This is the general idea, of course; though, as Imam Gjoni has remarked: it is a complex process that merits the efforts of both scholars and financial experts. And it is a welcome challenge.”

About Dr. Kukaj: New York Interfaith Icon

Dr. Kukaj was born in 1965 and grew up as an Albanian Muslim in Kosovo. He and his family were survivors of the war and subsequent strife that plagued Communist Kosovo during the 1970s and 80s, after enduring the loss of the Kukaj patriarch, Tahir’s grandfather, to a brutal communist execution. Citing his father’s altruistic benevolence as a major motivation in his life, Dr. Kukaj moved to Cairo in 1984 to study at the prestigious Azhar University. There, among his other studies, he learned Arabic and ultimately achieved a Ph.D. for his research. After immigrating to the United States, Tahir became both an Imam and a director of outreach at the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center on Staten Island.

Dr. Kukaj has served on the clergy advisory board for former New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo and current Mayor, Bill de Blasio, as well as a liaison for the Muslim community. Dr. Kukaj was named one of the 2019 Staten Island Power 100 by City & State Magazine, and is a noted specialist of interfaith outreach. A skilled spiritual diplomat, representing both his mosque and his faith, Dr. Kukaj routinely hosts a variety of interfaith dialogues and dinners with other Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders of New York.

To learn more about Dr. Kukaj, or his spiritual and community work in New York City, visit the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center at: www.AICCNY.com.

About The Hajdari Group

Based in New York City, the Hajdari Group is an independent, boutique wealth-management firm founded by Zaim Hajdari — an experienced former-JPMorgan Chase investment manager who oversaw $3 billion in client assets. The Hajdari Group provides financial planning and wealth-management services to middle and high-income individuals and families. Other services include 401(k) rollover advice, retirement planning, college planning and estate planning. Most recently, the Hajdari Group has expanded its services by creating InvestHalal, a Sharia-based investment platform exclusively for Muslim investors. Learn more at: www.TheHajdariGroup.com.

Zaim Hajdari, President,

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