New Platform Helps Muslim Clients Adhere to Faith When Investing

Hajdari Group President Zaim Hajdari was recently interviewed by to discuss the company’s new InvestHalal faith-based investment platform.

Here is an excerpt:

A new faith-based financial planning platform offers practicing Muslims the chance to invest in ways that adhere to their faith.

The Hajdari Group announced its new InvestHalal platform this week, ensuring Shariah-compliant asset management by working with financial planners who avoid heavily indebted companies, as well as companies that derive more than 5 percent of their income from products like alcohol, weapons or tobacco. Zaim Hajdari, the firm’s president, told that tools like InvestHalal were a sorely needed benefit for Western Muslim investors.

“While there was no shortage of faith-based investing, or for that matter ESG investing, there’s been a bit of frustration due to the lack of options available specifically as it relates to the Muslim community,” he said. “We work with a variety of Islamic scholars to ensure compliance, but it takes a bit of effort to screen these products to ensure they are meeting the prerequisites set by a lot of these organizations and Islamic scholars.”

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